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On this page we will focus on boards and resources related to the FPGA Oberon System On Chip.

Books and Articles.

FPGA Boards Which Can Run the FPGA Oberon System.

  • The original FPGA Oberon System was developed with the Digilent Spartan-3 Starter Kit, which unfortunately has been retired. The Digilent website is still a good source of reference materials for this board. The board itself can be occassionelly found on Ebay. The FPGA Prototyping book (Spartan-3 Version) by Pong. P. Chu is using this board for its firmware examples.

  • Pepino is an entry-level FPGA development board based on Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA. It can run Oberon System as well as CP/M on the Z80 processor core, many games, and MacIntosh Plus.

  • OberonStation used to be another such Oberon-capable FPGA development board. Unfortunately, the OberonStation web domain has been discontinued as of July/2018. The availability of this board is thus unclear.

Software Resources.

  • The original FPGA Oberon System provides a full software development system: compiler, loader, run time, as well as example applications.

  • A version of the original software was modified to run on the Pepino board.

  • The Experimental FPGA Oberon System is a significant enhancement of the original version. It also provides a full software development system, closely following the original. Due to many enhancements, this version is not backwards compatible with the original.

  • A reduced version of Experimental Oberon is backward compatible with the Original Oberon.

  • A Module Reference lists all the module dependencies on one another. The modules are provided with a color-coded syntax which makes it significantly easier to read the source code. Cursor highliting is used to trace the variables in the source. All the language elements (procedures, constants, etc.) are cross-referenced on this page among the modules.

  • Astrobe for RISC5 is a free Windows IDE which enables you to program embedded software using the Oberon language. The applications execute on an embedded real-time subset of the Project Oberon Operating System running on a Xilinx FPGA development board.

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