News and Progress.

Aug/02/2018. Five sets of boards have been ordered from an assembly house.
Oct/13/2018. Five sets of assembled prototype boards have been received from an assembly house. The photograph of the Abone hosted by the development motherboard is shown below.

The two PMOD boards demonstrate how this system can be used for control applications. The upper PMOD provides an ambient light sensor, while the lower PMOD provides analog output via R2R ladder DAC. Both PMODS are from Digilent. We have not written any drivers yet.

Oct/18/2018. The FPGA is visible under JTAG, using Vivado 2014.2. We can run an XADC measurement of the FPGA temperature and core voltage. The temperature is slightly elevated above ambient despite the fact that the FPGA is not programmed yet.

Updated Oct/18/2018.
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