RiskFive FPGA Development Board.

The RiskFive FPGA On Module (FOM) will be hosted by a development motherboard providing the SD card, USB, HDMI video, and Ethernet connectors. The FOM will be connected to a motherboard with two high-density Hirose connectors, secured with four mounting screws.

The board shown below is targeting the Internet-Of-Things. We are providing as many as three different Ethernet chips for the development of lean IOT (W5500), mid-range IOT (W5300), and high performance (gigabit Ethernet) networked devices. Additionally, the USB-3 chip will help develop high-speed streaming applications. As you can see, this board is focused on communication, which is usually the first step in the development of networked instrumentation.

The application-specific boards can be derived by replacing one or more board's subsystems with other subsystems needed for a particular application. Please inquire if you need a specific set of subsystems or features. We can develop these for you, or you can create your own board yourself if you are skilled at printed circuit board design. We will be very happy to help you with your own Do It Yourself (DIY) project.

Technical specs.

Please inquire concerning other specs and details that have not been covered above.

Purchasing the RiskFive FPGA System.

The boards will be available for purchase soon. Please inquire by sending an e-mail from the contact page.

Updated Jan/05/2018.
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